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Samstag Scientific
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** About Us **
Samstag Scientific is an activity of Samstag Sales. We mainly sell German Made hand tools at Samstag Sales. On this web site we are selling items for the weekend mechanic, tinkerer, researcher, prototype builder, collector, and lab technician. All types of interesting and useful stuff. You will find a mix of new and used items here. We have Used tools, Automotive Repair Manuals, Electrical Equipment, Computer Equipment, and other items useful for your current project.  We sell items on eBay using the seller name "SamstagScientific". Visit our eBay listings for some great deals!

eMail Us:   Manager@SamstagScientific.com


Our eBay user name SamstagScientific has earned a Purple Star! See our eBay award, just click on the picture below.