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 Last Updated: October 8, 2019
Axes and Hatchets


Black&Decker Hand Drill Holding
Drill Press
Used. Call or email with your address for a total price with shipping.


Dewalt Hammer Drill Handle
Hammer Drill Handle. Dewalt OEM Replacement Side Handle for Cordless Drills It is 8-1/2" long. Inside diameter approx 43mm. Twist handle to tighten. 



Long Tape
Long Tape brand Fiberglass Measuring Tape. 10m. It's resistant to abrasion and stretching. Also is washable. Its tension is 10N.


Bull Nose Veterinarian Pliers
Here is a pair of used bull nose pliers. Bull nose pliers are used by veterinarians to lead bulls and cows to where they need to go. These bull nose pliers are slightly rusted and have a few dings in them, however they still operate as they should. About 8 1/2" long, opens up to about 2 1/2" inches wide.


Fuller Japan
196-6 Pliers
These are chrome plated with 2 jaw positions. Around 6-1/2" long. Marked number 196-6 and Drop Forged. With some surface rust and scratches, but lots of life left in these. Stamped FULLER 196-6 DROP FORGED. Also stamped with "JAPAN" inside the handles.



Garden Handle
Garden Cart Handle. You would use this if you want to pull your  wagon by hand rather than hook it to a lawn tractor. This is the handle only, we do not  have the mounting pin. This handle is metal and painted all black. There is a cusion grip. The square mounting hole is about 2-3/16" inch square. Some minor rust inside the hole but overall in good condition.




Japanese Bone Saw. The blade is 170mm (6-3/4") long. The tool is overall 260mm (10-1/2") long.



Japanese Screwdriver
This screwdriver has both phillips and flat heads, and a black plastic handle. It only has "Made in Japan" on the handle so a brand is unknown. Appears to have come from a Japanese trunk toolkit from a car. It has signs of use and a lot of rust.


USED Mercedes-Benz 000 581 10 67 Spark Plug Socket Wrench. This tool is also stamped with the Matador tool# 365. It is size 20.8mm or 13/16" with rubber insert to hold the plug. This tool is 12" long or 300mm in length. The socket is 6 point.






PROTO 3037
PROTO USA Double Open End Wrench size 25/32" x 11/16" inch. This is from the PROTO "Professional" series of wrenches. Proto part number 3037 wrench. About 8-3/4" long. Some surface rust but the jaws look like they have seen very little use. A quality USA made tool.

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